Cricket RX5

  • 36 Volt Electric
    Mag Wheels
  • N ° de registro:
  • Fabricante: Cricket
  • Modelo del coche: RX5
  • Año: 2023
  • Tipo de Cuerpo: 36 Volt Electric
  • Tamaño del motor: Center mirror
  • Tipo de motor: Led Headlight, taillights, blinkers
  • Transmisión: Mag Wheels
  • Color Exterior: Orange
  • Color Interior: Black
  • Tipo de combustible: None
  • Estado: Nueva
  • Norma Asientos: 4
  • Tipo de dirección:
  • Altura:
  • Ancho:
  • Longitud:
  • Distancia entre ejes:
  • vía trasera:
  • Frente Pista:
  • Distancia al suelo:
The most efficient — and a fun way to get from here to there is with a Cricket mini golf cart. The Cricket SX3 and RX5 is a collapsible mini golf cart is perfect for campers and RV enthusiasts that want to take a golf cart along for the ride, but don't have the room for a regular sized one. You can take your Cricket with you in practically any SUV, pickup, motor home, van, or crossover. And, with the optional carriers and towing accessories, getting your Cricket where you want to go is a breeze!
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Resumen de
Cricket RX5 Nueva
Fabricante: Cricket
Modelo: RX5
Año: 2023
Dirección: 10634 US HWY 301 N.
Ciudad: Dade City
Estado / Provincia: FL
País: USA
Código Postal: 33525
total_view: 3487